Top 25 Clothing and Beauty Mods for Sims 4: Elevate Your Game's Style (2023)

Looking to revamp your Sims' wardrobes and enhance their beauty? Look no further! We've compiled a curated list of the top 25 clothing and beauty mods for Sims 4 that are sure to add flair and sophistication to your gameplay. From trendy outfits to stunning makeup options, these mods bring a whole new level of customization to your Sims' appearance.

1. Burning Inside Summer Jumpsuit

This mod introduces a stunning jumpsuit available in 18 different colors, offering versatility and modernity to your Sims' wardrobe. With its sleek design, it's a standout addition that promises a fresh look for any occasion.

2. Denim Outfit

A nostalgic nod to the '90s fashion, this mod combines retro vibes with modern themes, providing female Sims with a perfect blend of past and present in a single outfit. With three distinct color options, it's a stylish choice for those seeking a denim-inspired look.

3. Ripped Skinny Jeans

For those seeking the ultimate trendiness, this mod fills the gap left by the absence of ripped skinny jeans in the vanilla Sims 4 wardrobe. A chic addition exclusively for female Sims, offering a stylish edge to their attire.

4. Yoyo Let Loose Pants

The epitome of contemporary style, these loose-fitting pants make a bold statement in the Sims 4 universe. While similar styles may exist in the base game or expansion packs, these pants mirror the fashion trends of the 2020s, offering a refreshing update to your Sims' wardrobes.

5. Athletic Sweatshirt

For aficionados of real-world brands, this mod presents an athletic Adidas sweatshirt, adding a touch of authenticity and sportiness to your Sim's attire. It's a must-have for those seeking genuine branding within the game.

6. Top Kaliah

A fresh addition to the female wardrobe, this mod introduces a highly popular style of tops, diversifying the clothing options for Sims. Crafted by a talented modder, it's a testament to the community's creativity and dedication.

7. Balae Shirt

Catering to the male Sims, this mod introduces a versatile shirt with three unique designs. From military-inspired patterns to a fusion of various materials, it's a fantastic addition that exudes sophistication and attention to detail.

8. Kylie Cosmetic Matte Lipsticks

Beyond clothing, this mod ventures into beauty enhancements, offering a collection of matte lipsticks for a unique Sim customization experience. Adding a touch of glamour, these lipsticks elevate your Sims' appearance.

9. White Ripped Summer Jeans

A stellar addition for fashion enthusiasts, these intricately detailed pants elevate the concept of ripped jeans to new heights, maintaining a fashionable allure without compromising sophistication.

10. Boho Dress

With a relaxed neckline and a stunning design, the Boho dress introduces a touch of modernity to Sims 4. Its meticulous textures and 3D modeling make it one of the premier female top mods within the community.

11. Cassy Crop Top

Not confined to extravagant costumes, this list includes simpler yet versatile clothing options. The Cassy Crop Top seamlessly integrates into various dress codes, suitable for almost every season except winter.

12. Goth 7 Mascaras

Expanding the beauty options, this mod introduces a range of mascaras to enhance the eyes of your female Sims, providing detailed customization for a top-model look.

13. Kylieshop Athletic Outfit

Despite personal preferences, this mod showcases athletic wear inspired by Kylie Jenner's shop, appealing to Sims with its fashionable designs suitable for various body types.

14. Runette Liquid Lipstick

Diversifying lipstick choices, this mod offers a range of liquid lipstick colors, providing extensive character customization with 50 shades to choose from.

15. Bailo Dress

Inspired by real-life fashion, this dress, seen and admired, adds five new colors to the Sims' wardrobe, providing ample options for elegant attire.

16. Moonlight Sonata Mascaras

Expanding on mascara choices, this mod complements the existing selection, allowing for more variety in makeup options for Sims.

17. Scandalous 5 Mascaras

Similar to previous mascara mods but with a slightly more conservative approach, this mod offers different styles catering to various occasions and preferences.

18. Nike Air Athletic Outfit

Bringing branded attire into the Sims 4 world, this mod introduces the stylish Nike Air Athletic Outfit, appealing to Sims looking for a sporty edge in their attire.

19. Leila Gradient Dress

A stunning addition with a unique gradient not commonly found in vanilla clothing, this dress offers Sims a new, eye-catching option for their wardrobe.

20. Button-Up T-Shirt with High Top

While not personally witnessed, this mod introduces a stylish button-up shirt detailed to impress, catering to both male and female Sims' fashion preferences.

21. Summer Love Jeans

Providing sleek, form-fitting jeans in various colors, this mod improves upon the vanilla options, offering a contemporary look suitable for all body types.

22. Masculine Jeans

Addressing the baggy appearance of vanilla male jeans, this mod presents a more refined style, maintaining comfort without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

23. Lace Wedding Dress

An exquisite addition to the limited wedding dress options in Sims 4, this mod offers a unique lace design, perfect for Sims' special occasions.

24. Mortimer Biker Pants

Adding a touch of rebellion, these leather biker pants bring an edgy, chic style to female Sims, perfect for those seeking a more daring fashion statement.

25. Printed High-Waisted Shorts

A timeless style choice, these high-waisted shorts offer a classic look that transcends fashion eras, providing Sims with a versatile wardrobe staple.

Upgrade your Sims' style with these top 25 clothing and beauty mods for Sims 4, offering unparalleled customization and elevating their fashion game. Whether seeking trendy outfits, makeup enhancements, or brand-inspired attire, these mods cater to diverse preferences, ensuring your Sims stand out in style. Explore the myriad options, redefine their wardrobes, and unlock a world of sartorial possibilities.


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